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Why The Medifast Diet Plan Is So Effective for Weight Loss

Medifast is a diet program that is very popular among people looking to lose weight. This particular program has been proven to be very effective for those that are looking to lose weight that have not had much success with other kinds of programs/plans. Medifast uses a 5 and 1 plan which essentially means it provides 5 meals that are 100 calories or less throughout the day and it requires you to eat a traditional meal for your 6th of the day. The 6th meal is supposed to be built around a lean protein and nutritious vegetables. In this article, we will be going over some of the reasons this diet is so effective at helping people lose weight.


Reasons Why The Medifast Diet Is So Effective:

1. Affordable.

One of the main reasons this diet is so effective is because it is practical. It is not a diet that is going to cause you to spend all of your money. Because it is such an affordable diet, you should be able to sustain it easy. The diet is essentially going to cost around $300-400 per month. Thus, it should be a diet that you can consistently implement into your routine with no problem.

2. Calorie Restriction Based.

Another reason why this particular diet is so effective is because it is based on calorie restriction. Calorie restriction has been proven to be an effective way to actually be able to lose weight successfully. After all, losing weight comes down to being able to effectively burn more calories than you actively consume throughout the day. Thus, it is a great way to really position yourself well to achieve a good amount of weight loss.

3. Extremely Easy To Follow.

This particular diet, unlike a lot of other diets on the market, is actually very easy to follow and comprehend. A lot of the other diets on the market focus so much on counting calories and being able to see what foods you are eating exactly and the foods respective impact in terms of glycemic index and more. By not having to deal with any of this and being able to actually eat meals without worrying about counting anything, you should be able to sustain the diet over the long haul. You are essentially only going to have to worry about eating the foods that are provided and getting a good 6th meal with lean protein and a healthy amount of vegetables.

Overall, this is one of the best diets that you will be able to implement into your routine. Not only will it help you lose a significant amount of weight, but it will also allow you to lose weight without having to input any unnecessary stress at the same time. By following a diet like this and being consistent with it, you should be able to achieve a good amount of weight loss and really lose a significant amount of weight over the long haul.

Information from Diet Dynamo & WebMD

Taking a Break from Diets

A break from dieting is a period of time when the usual diet plan is discontinued until the body is ready again. Lasting from one week to two weeks, diet breaks can be crucial if there are signs that your diet is not working anymore. You should look for any signs that confirm this, and therefore act properly in order to avoid possible problems. has been into the dieting world for over a decade and as a result, we can give you few tips and suggestions that we gained throughout our experience.

Diet does not work

inspired-5The main reason behind this is related to the hunger hormones. Responsible for regulating the metabolism and hunger, these hormones also function to react against starvation. Namely, longer periods of diet with notions of starving can actually prompt a defense mechanism in your body. In that respect, taking a break from dieting can help these hormones get back to their regular levels. In fact, the hormones very much encourage you to do so raising particular symptoms.

Constant Hunger Between Meals

If you are yearning for food between your planned meals, it is a sign of adjustment loss regarding your diet. After having continued a diet plan consisting of programmed meals and hours for a while, the hunger hormones can react to your plan at some point. The implication behind this reaction is the need for food in your body. Even though many people choose to resist the urge to take a break despite the constant hunger, it is likely that it will reach an unbearable point. If you happen to reach that point, it is a primary signal to take a break from dieting.

No Longer Losing Weight

While following your diet properly, you may notice that you have stopped losing weight. This is a sign showing that your metabolism has slowed down, preventing further weight loss. In order to reverse this effect of constant diet, your body needs a break. During the break, the metabolism can recover and reach a faster level allowing you to move on with the next phase of your diet.

Mood Swings and Stress

upset-woman-eating-ice-creamIf you are experiencing noticeable mood swings or serious amounts of stress without having an apparent reason, this may indicate that your diet is affecting your psychology negatively. While under stress, the body releases a hormone called cortisol, which is known to trigger cravings for unhealthy foods. Thus, you might feel the need of taking a break accompanied with an urge to eat freely. As staying on your diet in these conditions would not be helping you, it is wise to stop for a while. Once you feel renewed psychologically, then you may see even better results with your diet.

Dieting is generally a safe way to lose weight, but be sure to pay attention to your body and act accordingly.  Taking a little break from dieting will actually serve you well, so feel free to do so should you feel it appropriate.  Sometimes it simply takes a little bit of trial and error to get the results you desire.